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A person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.

A New Era

By 2021/22 Paragon has grown by 800% bringing 1000+ locals through the door & securing hundreds of active members who experience the use of top quality equipment and excellent customer service every single day.

your investment

We require a minimum investment of £100k, which covers the license fee, security fit-out and essential costs before you open your doors. The exact amount will depend on details specific to your club, including its size, location and fit-out.


Our franchisee friendly fees allows you to achieve a higher profit margin.


Our effortless monthly direct debit service is fully automated  and supports a 3 stage fee acquisition process to create a secure & profitable business model.


We have a choice of 5 or 10 year franchise agreements  allowing you to select a model that suits you & in line with the property lease & funding.


Mininmum capital required

4000-6000 sq. ft

Avg. site size


Project cost


Avg. Monthly Membership


Avg. memberships per club

12 Months

Avg. Membership lifespan

so, how can we support you?

You will get full support from start to finish when opening your facility to ensure you feel comfortable in  all areas and be ready to open your doors. 


Tell us your location & We will do the rest! 


Once you are in our network you will have full support from Paragon CEO  Tyrone Clarke - O’Connell , who will support you through the whole project with his team of project  management experts in the fitness industry.


From our powerful social media presence to a strong connection of influencers online  we will supply you with all the connections / content & brand guidelines you need to showcase a  successful & “ The place to be “ fitness facility… this is included within the fixed franchise fee.


You will have full support of a Franchise Peformance Coach / Mentor who can  help with all aspects of your business operations. Whether it’s staff members , contracts or suppliers  you will have the all support & advise you will need.

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How quickly can I get started?
Each Franchise launch is unique and individual, we will work with you to get you setup up and running as quickly as possible. All our initial training is done on a one-to-one basis, and this enables you to get your Paragon Gym off the ground.
How much can I earn?
As soon as we have met, you will be provided with a confidential Franchise Information Memorandum amongst many other important pieces of information. The FIM comprises of a detailed three-year franchise business plan that provides full revenue, expenditure, and profit and loss information.
Work/Life Balance?
You can put as much time into your Paragon Gym franchise as you want. Hard work and long hours will be required at times, it’s a huge part of owning your own business and guaranteeing its success! All the time you do invest into your Paragon Gym franchise will be extremely financially rewarding making it a worthwhile investment and career move.
Can I sell my Gym in the future?
Yes, you can (on the terms set out in our Franchise Agreement including our approval of the purchaser as a new franchisee). This is generally why most of us start a business in the first place. Should you decide at some point to retire or move on, our franchise agreement is for five years; you therefore have an asset that is resaleable at a premium price.
How can I finance my franchise?
We have built some excellent relationships with the major lenders who will support potential franchisees with their initial franchise fee subject to their normal lending criteria. We are more than happy to put you in touch with our contacts at the banks who will be happy to answer any of your questions. Of particular importance to those establishing a Paragon Gym franchise, we have a loan facility in place with The Start Up Loans Company, a UK government
lending initiative where new start franchises can borrow unsecured and at a low rate of interest up to £25,000 for the purchase and establishment of the business. Additional funding is available as required.