Latest News • Posted 15 mar 2023

Making a Switch to The Paragon Family

We recently caught up with resident Paragon Gym PT Matt Davidson of Hybrid Fitness and he gave us an insight into his influential journey on how he started within the industry.  

Please tell me about yourself and your own fitness journey and how you came about being a personal trainer? 

My names Matt, I’m an Online Coach & Personal Trainer with over 11 years’ experience within the industry. My interest in fitness started when I began doing martial arts. I did this from a young age into my late teen years and attained my 2nd Dan Black Belt. Not being happy with my physique, I joined a gym as soon as I was old enough. After experiencing the mental and physical benefits of training in a gym and changing my body, I was inspired to find a way to help others and this led me to getting my personal training and nutrition qualification.

Fast forward to the present and I’ve built a successful coaching brand that has helped well over 100 clients transform their mental and physical health!

What made you join Paragon as a PT? 

After following Paragon Gym on social media for some time, it was clear that this gym would be a great place to bring my existing client base after coaching them outdoors during the period where gyms had to close due to covid restrictions. I’d spoken with Ty and the vision he had for Paragon was exactly what I was I was looking for, for myself and my clients. Coaching at Paragon gives me a lot more freedom than at commercial gyms which ultimately lets me provide a better coaching service.

What does Paragon mean to you and your clients? 

Bringing my client base from a commercial gym to and independent gym was a big step but it’s definitely the best decision I could have made. Paragon gym offers a refreshing atmosphere free of judgment and intimidation. I know my clients will be looked after whether I’m there or not as the gym is full of likeminded people that come together as a family. Paragon gym is our hub and safe space where we can work out and improve our physical and mental health!

What’s the best advice you could give to inspiring PT’s? 

The best advice I could give to anyone thinking about becoming a PT is study, study and study some more. In both the science of health and fitness and in business as well. In an ever-evolving industry, you have to be adaptable and keep your knowledge up to date!

At Paragon we feel social media is such a big influencer on the health and fitness market. How has the collaboration and exposure of Paragon helped you? 

Collaborating with Paragon Gym on social media is a fantastic way to present myself, my coaching skills and the results my business delivers to a wider audience. The recognition my clients receive from the progress they make is also very motivating!

Finally. Cheat meals! What’s your go to cheat meal?

Honestly, I don’t do cheat meals. I truly believe life is about balance and if your diet doesn’t allow you to eat the foods you enjoy, it’s not sustainable and won’t be successful long term! One of my favourite meals has got to be a big dirty double cheeseburger with loaded fries though!